The BakuShop

Welcome to the BakuShop. Here you can buy items for your Bakugan using $B money you get after you win a brawl.

Q: What are $B?

A: The money on this site.

Q: How do you get $B?

A: Easy. After you win a brawl, add all of the opponent's Bakugan's HP up. Example: 80 HP from Drago + 200 HP from Griffon is $B280, which is what you get after you win a brawl.

Q : What does $B stand for?
A : It stands for Bakudollars, which isn't real life money. I said that because certain users have asked if they need to use REAL MONEY here, but the answer is no, you do not and cannot use real money.

Items:                            Description:                                         Cost:

HP Adder                       Adds 5 HP to a Bakugan permanently.     $B1

EXP Adder                      Adds 20 EXP to a Bakugan.                   $B5

ATK Adder                      Adds 3 ATK to a Bakugan permanently.  $B2

DEF Adder                     Adds 3 DEF to a Bakugan permanently.   $B2

AbisOmega Egg                Hatches into an AbisOmega.                $B1000

Tuskor Egg                       Hatches into Tuskor.                            $B500

Doom Stone   Increases Level and Stat Growth rate of Darkus         $B9,000

                        Bakugan while they are in the Daycare.

Cyborg Machina          Give to Viper Helios and level it up until        $B40

                                  it evolves into Cyborg Helios MK2.The

                                       item disappears after that.
BakuBall                     Catches wild Bakugan in Bakugan             $B20     
                                 Adventure Role Plays.

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