Bakugan Daycare

Welcome to 's Bakugan Daycare!! Here, we raise your Bakugan and your BakuEggs.

How it works

When you leave a Bakugan in the Daycare, they gain a level every 12 hours. In order to drop of your Bakugan here, contact an administrator or myself, Valentin. If order to have it back, you must contact an admin of myself. On your profile, put " In Daycare" next to a Bakugan's stats on your profile to indicate that it is in the Daycare.

As for BakuEggs, the same applies except for level. However, a BakuEggs hatches a day after it is left in the Daycare. You must than recieve it. Example : if you place a BakuEgg that needs four more days to hatch, it will hatch the next day after it is put in the Daycare.

Bakugan gains one level after 12 hours in the daycare. When a Bakugan reaches its evolution level or past it, when you take it out, it automatically evolves.

If you
have two Bakugan that are in the Daycare AND if one of them is male and the other one is female, the female Bakugan will be holding a BakuEgg after a few hours. This can work ONLY IF the two parent Bakugan are the only Bakugan of all of your Bakugan in the Bakugan Daycare

Bakugan DO NOT evolve in the Daycare. Here is the list for BakuEggs and Bakugan in the Daycare:

Name:                               Bakugan:                          Level:

 Valentin                   Darkus Omega Leonidas"Leo"      204
                                Pyrus Omega Leonidas "Leona"    56
                  Pyrus Leonidas BakuEgg (Held by Leona.)   None.

Jake_Kuso                         Darkus Linehalt                  15

                                         Darkus Omega Leonidas    142

                                         Darkus Lumino Dragonoid  172

                                         Darkus Dharak                  170

LIFEMAG2101                    Pyrus Lumino Dragoniod     156

Falconsy,The Great Falcon  Pyrus Viper Helios              156

                                          Pyrus Krakix                     145

                                          Pyrus Lumino Dragonoid     128

GameGod53                        Haos Omega Leonidas       177

                                          Haos Lumagrowl                169

                                          Haos Tigrerra                     130

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